About DAOS Legal Practice

We are African but with a Global Reach.

Who We Are
We are a forward-thinking fully digital law firm.

We are poised to be Nigeria's foremost digital law firm of the future. We are the go-to firm for investors in Africa’s largest economy. When you invest, we take care of it. If delivery of legal services is involved, our task is simple – tell a compelling yet correct story today and always. We tell this story by the way we do your work – promptly, critically, creatively and innovatively. We are the go-to full-service business law firm for the Big & Small.

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Why DAOS? You May Ask!
We are like no other.

Knowledgeable and experienced lawyers, who have been in the trenches of law. We know what it means to get your work done. Our team has a deep understanding of the legal market, with significant experience and insights into various commercial sectors both home and abroad.

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What We Do
We enjoy working with the Big & Small while providing quality solutions.

At DAOS, we are always ready to work with Businesses, Private individuals and Government entities on diverse areas of law across sectors and industries. We enjoy working with the Big & Small while providing tailor-made high-quality solutions that meet clients’ business demands and needs.

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We provide the solutions you need timeously. At DAOS we believe that one minute, one hour, one day is critical to that transaction, to resolve that dispute and advance your business interests.


Everyone needs an access – access to the right network of resource and people. Working with us gives you access to a network of local and global professionals. In addition, our team of lawyers are always available to talk and listen.

Client Focused:

We focus on what you need and provide solutions of the highest quality because our practice is not Who We Are but about you. We not only understand our Clients, we are involved in what they do. We understand the peculiarity of each client and we keep this in view in all our works for you.

Technology Driven:

we are technology driven. Hence, we pride ourselves in offering legal solutions to you beyond boundaries. Using technology, we offer you services beyond any location. Simply tell us where you need us and where you want the work to get done.



We are always delighted to work with businesses, governments and not-for-profit organizations, providing vitally needed legal assistance.



We enjoy working with the Big & Small clients while providing tailor-made high-quality solutions that meet clients’ business demands and needs.



The People at DAOS Legal Practice are ready to guide you through any matter with warmth and cordiality.